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The challenges and difficulties that we occasionally face during our lives are an inseparable part of them. They are a part of the process of growth and development of the personality. We are all afraid of failure, defeat and mistakes. We are afraid of the possible hidden dangers when we step into the unknown…But solving problems and overcoming challenges doesn’t necessarily have to be strenuous and hard. It can also bring you pleasure, give you satisfaction, give you a new dose of confidence, make you braver, more determined and more successful.


In almost every area of life we have teachers, trainers or mentors. But when we have to face problems related to the everyday life or when we have to achieve a certain goal which is important so that we can successfully function as a person, we all somehow think that we should already know that without being taught. But imagine having someone by your side that will help you choose the right path and make the best decision, someone that will support you and encourage you to make the necessary changes and to step out of your comfort zone, when you are at a crossroad in your life or when you have to make a big decision …A person that will help you recognize your goals and your desires, and then together with you make a plan for their accomplishment …


With life coaching, a new method that is slowly taking over the world, you get your own personal mentor and trainer that will motivate you, inspire you and guide you toward finding the best solution to your problems, developing your own potential and accomplishing your goals and dreams. Unlike therapy, coaching is oriented toward solving practical problems from your everyday life and achieving positive results.


Do you want to change something in your life?
Do you lack courage or motivation?
Do you know what you want but don’t know where to start?
Or do you simply wish to have a life that is better and happier than the one you are living now?


Individual counseling and coaching will help you realize your true potential and create the life you really want.
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Online counseling and coaching can be done in writing, via e-mail or chat (Skype) or orally, through audio or audiovisual conversation (Skype). You choose the model that suits you best. Combining the models is possible.

Why to use online coaching?

With online coaching you have the session in your own home (or office) without having to go anywhere.

You automatically overcome the obstacles that most people meet in their first face to face sessions with a psychologist or coach.

If it is easier for you to express yourself in writing instead of orally, the e-mail or chat sessions are the ideal option for you.

Research has shown that online sessions are equally efficient as live sessions and the advantages are numerous.

The advantages of online coaching are - having the comfort of your own home and saving time and money. It is accessible if you are from another city or if you are on the other side of the planet. With this method, the discretion is even bigger than with the live sessions. Writing (chat and e-mail sessions) might be closer to your natural way of expressing. It helps you get in touch with your emotions much easier and better understand your way of thinking and behaving. You can read what you have written many times, while parts of a conversation can be easily forgotten.

Online coaching can help you:

Stop waiting for life to give you the things that you want. Decide to make positive changes and start realizing them!

To have a personal counselor and coach is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Modern technology makes this possible in a very easy and accessible way, when you need it.
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If you don’t utilize internet technology, we can arrange telephone sessions, which also last 45-50 minutes each. The advantage of Skype (or e-mail) sessions is that you don’t have additional charges. Telephone charges are at your expense.

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The appointment for an online session is scheduled in advance. Contact me at +389 70323532 or send an e-mail to There are usually 1 or 2 sessions a week. Working hours are 10am - 2pm and 4pm - 7pm, Monday to Friday. If you want to schedule a first appointment or if you need any information, please call during the working hours 2pm - 4pm or after 7pm or it is best to send an e-mail.


An online session via Skype (audio or with web camera) lasts 45-50 minutes, while a chat session (writing) lasts an hour. An e-mail coaching session involves an e-mail from the coach (1-2 pages). You will receive a reply to your e-mails within 24-48 hours. 

If you don’t have Skype, you can download it here.


The payment is made in advance to our bank account. You can get all the necessary information at +389 70323532 or at

If you are planning to have an online session, it is best to:



Online sessions are not available for persons under the age of 18, as well as for clients who:


If we establish during the counseling that you need further help from a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist, we will wholeheartedly help you get it at a suitable place.
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