YOGA RETREAT in Berovo, Macedonia, 2 June - 9 June 2016






Whether you think you can, or you think you cant youre right
- Henry Ford


Through the images that we have in our minds we create in the physical reality. The things that we think about, what we picture, what we visualize and imagine in the mental sphere, we create in the external world. The images in our minds are a bridge between the non-material and the material world. Paying attention or holding on to certain thoughts and certain images, is as if we were saying “this is what I want”. Whom are we saying this to?
            Let’s remind ourselves of the basic thesis of quantum physics – everything around us consists of one and the same energy, namely quantum particles of energy, which are constantly moving. How they’ll move and the form in which they’ll manifest will depend on the mind, on the consciousness, on the person that’s observing. Therefore, it depends on us. We go into the quantum field of infinite intelligence with our consciousness (thoughts). Why is that field intelligent? It’s intelligent because the planets, the stars, the asteroids, the earth, the water and the air are made of it. The mountains, the rivers, the volcanoes, every rock, stone, every tree, the grass, every plant, every insect, every bird, every animal on the planet is made of it. And so are we.
            The strangest thing is that it all functions perfectly. Do you know that if the Earth was a little closer to the Sun or a little further from it, everything on it would be either scorched or frozen? The Sun comes up every day along the eastern horizon and does this according to a fixed schedule. The astronomers have precisely calculated the positions and movement of the known celestial bodies. Therefore, we already know how they’re going to be positioned, for example on 12. 1.2521.
            Don’t you admire the preciseness of the plants that sprout every spring or bloom at a specific time irrespective of the current weather? Or the eels from Lake Ohrid that spawn in the distant Sargasso Sea although they don’t have a map so they can get there?
            Or the house martins that fly south for the winter and then come back to their nests again without marking the way with rice grains?           
            Aren’t you fascinated by your own body and the way it functions perfectly? With the way in which it closes and heals a cut…the way in which it raise its temperature to fight various viruses or bacteria that threaten it…or the functions of the autonomous nervous system such as breathing or the functioning of the heart. Both these systems are incessantly working without you even knowing about it…
            Now, let’s go back again to the field of infinite intelligence or the quantum field, as the physicists call it. With our thoughts and through the images that we create in our minds, we’re constantly creating. The images or representations that we have mentally are actually the things later created in the objective reality.
            And here lies the main problem.
            The thoughts that we have depend on the object of our attention. When we’re thinking about something that’s pleasant or we see something that we like, we have pleasant and positive thoughts and images. When we think about or observe something that we don’t like or something that’s unpleasant or disturbing to us, unpleasant and negative thoughts and images appear in our minds. As we’ve already seen, the images that we create are what later on manifests in reality. If we have positive images or representations, that’s what we’ll get later in reality. If those images are negative, then a negative outcome is what we’ll get in reality. That’s why no one else can decide but us! WE DECIDE! Our attention, our focus is what moves the energy out of which everything is made. If attention is focused on the things that we want, then the energy will help us create the things that we want. But if we’re focused on the things that we don’t want, then we’ll create, in our reality, things that we don’t want. There’s a famous answer that Mother Teresa gave to the organizers of anti-war demonstrations when they asked her to join them. She said: “I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there”.
            This is the most important thing that we have to understand about our thoughts. WE are the ones that allow or don’t allow certain contents to remain in our minds. Thoughts are constantly crossing our minds automatically, but WE are the ones that let them stay there.

                        So, why did I previously say that the main problem lies here? It’s because we focus our attention, most often, on circumstances, situations, events, people that we don’t like or that scare us, that upset us and cause negative feelings and states inside of us. The things that we visualize most often are worries, fears and negative expectations. An average person is preoccupied with negative thoughts 70-80% of the day. So, is it strange that most people are facing problems and difficulties every day?