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I am convinced that God is not playing dice
- Einstein


If we could ask a fish in the ocean whether it knows what the ocean is, what would it say?
 Or even better, if we could ask a baby in its mother’s womb to describe its mother, what could its answer be?
Its puzzled answer would probably be: “Mother? What’s a mother?”
The baby doesn’t know that it’s in its mother’s womb. It’s a part of her, but doesn’t have a clue about her existence. It doesn’t have a clue because of the fact that it’s a part of her. It gets everything it needs to grow and develop, it’s always with her for nine months, but doesn’t know that she exists.
We’re part of the universe in a similar way. (The analogy is quite frequent in the universe. It’s an invention of the universe.)

Many classics in the field of personal development and motivation, who have been published at the beginning of the 20-th century (the publishing of these books happened at the same time as the first revolutionary discoveries in quantum physics!), as well as many other authors before and after them, agree with the following basic principles:
            Everything we see around us is made of an original substance. The source of everything that exists is this original, amorphous substance. All shapes, all forms of matter and energy that we know, are made of it.
            The mountains, the rivers, the seas, the sky, the plants, the animals, the people, all of the organic and nonorganic nature are actually built from this original, unique substance, which is fundamentally alive, intelligent and thinking.
            We live in a thinking world, thinking universe in which the thought is what creates. A specific thought in this substance causes the creation of the idea. The idea of the existence of a universe consisting of orbiting galaxies, suns, planets, stars, arranged in a specific manner, led to the creation, i.e. materializing of that kind of a universe. The thought of creating a world like the one we have on Earth, with all of its forms and shapes, led to the creation of that kind of a world.
            So, this substance that everything is made of, that we’re made of, is a substance that thinks. Each form, each process, each thing that we see in nature is a visual expression of a certain thought in this substance. The thought or rather the idea of creating a certain plant, is found in the seed of the plant or as we know it now, in its DNA, (the deoxyribonucleic acid or genetic material). The idea of the human and the manner of its conception and development is found in the human DNA. As with the computer programs, let’s use the analogy again.
            The point of this intelligent substance is to express itself in the material reality through all the varieties of forms that it creates.
That’s why it’s always striving toward greater development, toward more life, because it’s in the nature of intelligence to increase, it’s in the nature of the consciousness to expand its limits in order to find bigger and better expression.



The universe is a live matter.